The Global or International Jewish Crime Network

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'Jewish Crime Network,' 'Jewish cabal' and 'Jewish mafia' are not in everyday usage. The irony is that the phenomenon described affects the typical person, for the worse, on an everyday basis.
The existence of a major Jewish International Crime Network is easy to prove. Whereas one could list the evidence for numerous crimes committed by Jews, the typical skeptical reader has a limited attention span and limited time. We shall concern ourselves with major lines of evidence.

Gun Grab Legislation

The most powerful organizations behind gun grab legislation are Jewish. Why go for guns owned by the public? There can only be a few possibilities: a) misguided people may have come across some horror stories of children accidently coming across a loaded gun and killing themselves or a playmate, b) police personnel don't want their authority undermined and c) criminals, for obvious reasons, don't want an armed public. Which of these possibilities applies to the Jewish community? The first possibility is an emotional first response that can be taken care of by pointing out the rarity of children accidently shooting themselves, evidence that gun restrictions don't prevent criminals from obtaining guns but prevent law abiding citizens from defending themselves and other evidence listed in the book 'More Guns: Less Crime.' The first possibility obviously doesn't explain why Jewry is so relentless in pursuing gun restrictions and trying to take away people's guns, and neither does the second. That leaves the third possibility.
Jews are so desperate to grab people's guns that they have orchestrated many shooting sprees to use as the impetus for gun grab legislation - e.g., the Port Arthur massacre and the Columbine shootings.

Hate Crimes Legislation; Suppression of Free Speech

The foremost enemy of free speech in Western societies is Jewry, usually manifesting in the behind-the-scenes work of the ADL. From the dissolution of the Roman and Classical Greek civilizations to the Renaissance, over a millennium passed with almost no progress in science and technology. Why? The Church was successful in suppressing free speech and free inquiry, and forced the people to live in superstition and ignorance. Should we not have learned our lessons about the value of free speech? Jewry can't claim ignorance or even claim that it means well because the law that prevents homosexuals or Islam from being critiqued doesn't prevent heterosexuals or Christianity from being disparaged. The very issue of meaning well is effectively meaningless since it should be abundantly clear that the benefits of truth about major matters outweigh the negatives… as the Bible says, the truth shall set us free (John 8:32). So why does Jewry go after free speech, so desperately? Simple…Jewry has to prevent people from exposing the criminal behaviors and crime network of the Jews.

9/11 was a Jew Job

The 9/11 'terrorist attacks' were clearly planned and orchestrated by Jews, and Jews benefitted from them. 9/11 was no amateur job. The professionals who executed it didn't just decide all of a sudden to carry out a major attack. They surely had committed major crimes before 9/11, had long-term interests in mind when planning 9/11, and have committed major crimes after 9/11.

Holohoax or Holocaust Hoax

The Holocaust narrative is unambiguously a hoax. Whereas one could argue that using a top-down military command structure, less than 20 powerful individuals could execute 9/11, the Jewish community has as a whole, with rare exceptions, perpetrated and maintained the Holocaust lie, and used this monstrous lie as a basis for committing numerous crimes against humanity.

Jewish Domination of the Mainstream Media

The Jewish domination of the mainstream media is easily proven. It's clear that it doesn't result from Jewish intelligence. As the example of Ted Turner shows, Jews have clearly sought to acquire control of the mainstream media. Why? Obviously to ensure that there are no major outlets exposing Jewish criminality.

Jewish Domination of Banking

Jews have a long history of attempting to acquire control of the issuance of money. Today they dominate the criminal system whereby 90% or more of money is generated out of nothing, as debt, by bankers; see the section on money. The debts, including interest, can never be completely paid off under this system because the debtors don't get to create money out of nothing. The system makes the top Jews filthy rich, and allows them to buy the media, bribe short, fund their criminal enterprise.

An Example of the Uncovering of a Major Crime Network

In June, 2008, British Police rounded up the proceeds of a massive crime network. Here's how the news report begins (#):
It was an unprecedented police strike against some of Britain's most wanted organised-crime bosses - an intensive investigation that took two years to pursue and delved into the murkiest depths of the criminal underworld.
Reaching a dramatic culmination on Monday, more than 300 officers were involved in simultaneous swoops at seven addresses in some of London's most illustrious neighbourhoods. And, as they emerged from the raids clutching thousands of innocuous-looking safety deposit boxes, the detectives leading Operation Rize couldn't help but wonder what was inside.
Yesterday, as the Metropolitan Police Specialist Crime Directive revealed the storage facilities' contents, their questions were answered. The raids had yielded a haul so remarkable, even Scotland Yard's most seasoned were stunned.
A spectacular collection of jewellery, Renaissance paintings and millions of pounds in cash were seized from the locations in Park Lane, Hampstead and Edgware. The ill-gotten gains - believed to be the proceeds of major organised crime - had been kept hidden in 7,000 deposit boxes for some of the country's wealthiest individuals.
Having searched fewer than half of the boxes in the first three days, officers said that the final total was expected to be "astronomical."
Among the goods said to have been secreted away was £16m shoved into plastic bags. Several works of art, sheets of counterfeit £5 notes, passports of different nationalities displaying the same photograph, chequebooks, credit cards, diamonds and a gun were also found.
What came off of this incident? Nothing. The case has apparently been buried. Why would the media not pursue the progress of this case? Why has the matter not been aggressively pursued by elected representatives? Why have the people to whom the loot belongs not been identified? Obviously, Jews are involved.

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